Stevens & Associates Expands Architectural Services

Brattleboro-based firm Stevens & Associates, known for its structural and civil engineering and landscape architecture and planning services, has merged with Alan Berry Architect to expand its architectural offerings. The architecture department, headed by architect Alan Lindsay Berry, adds four employees to the Stevens team: Berry, Frank Balla, Timberly Hund, and Stephen Jarosak.  Denny Frehsee, formerly of Williams & Frehsee, has joined the team as a consultant to help with business development, design, and construction oversight.

The architecture team will focus on environmentally sustainable and traditionally inspired design. As members of the Congress for New Urbanism and the U.S. Green Building Council, Stevens & Associates has always valued smart growth and traditional neighborhood design that fits into the historic context of New England’s towns and villages. The firm now brings those values to the architectural realm. “Traditional designs are all around us, and have stood the test of time,” said Bob Stevens, founder of Stevens & Associates. “Most of our clients want buildings that pay homage to the historical context in which they will sit.”

Alan Berry brings over thirty years of experience to Stevens & Associates. His previously Rhode Island based firm, Alan Berry Architect, was known for its emphasis on historic preservation and adaptive reuse as well as the use of energy-efficient technologies. His projects have varied, ranging from civic and liturgical designs to hospitality, recreation, and museum quality restorations. “Regional vernacular and traditional architecture is based on local traditions, needs, and materials,” says Berry. “We are building on the knowledge base of the generations who came before us.”

Offering a full suite of design services will allow Stevens & Associates to give clients a more comprehensive package, according to Stevens. “With everyone under one roof, we can offer better value for the design dollar,” he said.

Stevens & Associates has several architectural projects already underway, including the Brooks House redevelopment in Brattleboro, the Dot’s Restaurant redevelopment in Wilmington, and an art barn renovation and addition for Hilltop Montessori School in Brattleboro.