New Urbanism

The mission of New Urbanism is to “minimize automobile dependence and to replace climate changing sprawl with a sustainable urbanism.” Stevens & Associates has adopted this concept, which is evident in the firm’s culture, activities, and designs. We have supported CNU since its inception and have learned many of the forms, patterns, and rhythms of building the public realm from the Charter and the ideas of its organization.

Every project is a building block of a community. Together with our expertise in architecture, engineering, and development we incorporate the following principals for every project we design:

  • Planning ‘human-scale’ neighborhoods that provide walkable access to numerous amenities.
  • Designing and Developing new development, urban infill and revitalization, and preservation that can be applied to a variety of community settings including: rural main streets, booming suburban areas, urban neighborhoods, dense city centers, as well as entire regions.
  • Placemaking and Creating public spaces, designed for people that accommodate various modes of transportation (walking, bicycling, public transit, vehicles, etc.) that easily connect one neighborhood to another and promote daily interactions, community awareness, and safety for visitors and inhabitants.

Transforming and repurposing the existing fabric of our downtowns not only preserves the foundation from which the community was built, but also provides a diverse and livable place contributing to the lifestyle and wellness for all.

For more information and to find a local chapter near you, please visit the Congress for New Urbanism.