Our Mission

Stevens & Associates is a team of architects, engineers, and professionals
dedicated to building livable communities.

Beginning with the proportions of the natural world, we integrate with purpose and intent
the language of traditional architecture and urban design to create meaningful places. We commit
our energy, experience, knowledge, and vision to developing concepts that are profoundly human,
transcend the ordinary, and help our clients achieve their goals.

Through experience, collaboration, and leadership, we solve complex problems for our clients.
We thrive on developing creative approaches that balance multiple and often competing priorities. Each project
has a positive, enduring impact on the street, neighborhood, and region surrounding it,
especially historic downtowns.

The knowledge we provide to our clients begins with traditional design and extends to
real estate development, project funding, public campaigns, and government relations—
allowing us to serve as trusted advisors with a holistic approach
that has a strong impact on the success of each project.