Brattleboro Farmers’ Market

Stevens & Associates was hired by the Brattleboro Farmers’ Market to create a master plan for the existing grounds. The conceptual plan endeavored to balance the needs of the Market within the site’s constraints and the limits of the surrounding area’s resources. The goal of the plan: create a park-like atmosphere that would embrace the Whetstone Brook, the Creamery Bridge, and Living Memorial Park. It established a formal parking lot and pavilion on the upper level which provides visitors with a clear visual cue to the park entrance, restroom facilities, and welcome center.

Furthermore, the pavilion serves as a gateway to Brattleboro itself. The lower level provides a park-like experience to visitors, with meandering paths, open lawn, shaded groves, and intermittent access to the banks of the Whetstone Brook. The paths are organized to support the existing Farmers’ Market layout and will double as gravel roads connecting the parking areas on Market days.