Algiers Triangle Master Plan

Stevens & Associates worked closely with Friends of Algiers Village and the Windham & Windsor Housing Trust to create the Algiers Triangle Master Plan for the properties that make up the Algiers Triangle. Through a series of design charrettes and public meetings, Stevens & Associates explored a wide range of opinions on how best to develop the triangle. After developing a series of alternatives showing different densities and uses, the project team landed on 20 to 25 housing units and 9,000 square feet of commercial space.

The plan included improvements to the public right-of-way that would create 13 on-street parking spaces to supplement the 35 off-street spaces. Buildings were placed facing the street with parking to the rear. Green spaces on the interior and along Broad Brook were connected with a pedestrian circulation system that is linked to public sidewalks along Coolidge Highway and Guilford Center Road.

The internal looped road creates safe, predictable traffic patterns, and offers a public bus stop. The preferred plan included designs for layout grading, drainage and utilities in order to identify permitting constraints, projected budget costs.