Gasworks Building Demolition

The improvements to Union Station–including increased green space and improved parking and pedestrian access–are being made. Construction crews are out on site, preparing the site.

This video shows the demolition of the Gasworks building. While we are sad to see it go (it’s an old building, after all), we are excited about the prospect of green space right along the river.

Whenever possible, we like to keep old buildings (even those not designated “historic”). They have history, they’re part of the fabric of our towns and our communities, and they have a lot of stories to tell and a lot of life to give.

In this case, however, the building was in very bad shape, contained hazardous materials, and would have been nearly impossible to rebuild with the community’s resources. The hazardous materials, unfortunately, meant that the building materials could not be reused–hence the demolition instead of deconstruction.

What will replace this building will serve as a community resource: a park bordering the river with easy access to downtown. Visitors to Brattleboro will be welcomed by green space; those returning home will see the river that’s defined this town since it’s beginning. We are excited for the future even as we mourn the loss of this part of our past.