Brattleboro Retreat Adds Patient Courtyard

The Brattleboro Retreat, a Brattleboro, Vermont, psychiatric and addiction hospital in operation since 1834, is constructing a series of new patient courtyards on its campus. The first of these, located adjacent to the Tyler building, is currently under construction.

Stevens & Associates has designed the courtyards to provide safe and secure outdoor spaces for patients at the Retreat. The Tyler courtyard features a sitting and dining area, benches, a perennial garden, and large shade trees. A staff and visitor entrance to the Tyler building, located outside the perimeter of the new patient courtyard, is also being redeveloped with added seating and landscaping. Lighting around the entire project is also being improved.

Earlier in its history, the Retreat had “airing areas” to complement its indoor facilities and allow patients to benefit from being outdoors. “We are extremely pleased to be adding these courtyards,” said Julia Sorensen, senior director of marketing, communications, and strategic planning at the Retreat. “The addition of safe, inviting outdoor spaces will greatly enhance the overall patient experience.”

Two more new courtyards are being planned for other parts of campus. Construction on the Tyler courtyard will continue throughout the spring and is slated for completion in June or early July.