Keene Housing: Bennett Block

The Bennett Block is home to 14 one- and two-bedroom apartments serving low-income residents. Built in 1910, the three-story brick structure features commercial space on the ground floor, a community area, elevator, and housing on the upper floors. 

The building’s owner, Keene Housing, hired Stevens & Associates to renovate and upgrade core areas of the Bennett Block. Much of the building’s infrastructure, such as electrical systems, had outlived its functional life. The same held true for the apartment’s fixtures and appliances. 

Stevens & Associates also cleaned and repaired the building’s façade. While not registered as a historic building, the Bennett Block sits within the City of Keene’s historic district. Therefore, Keene Housing wanted to serve the wider downtown community by refurbishing the building’s exterior.

Upgrades made to the building reduced energy consumption through the installation of energy efficient doors, windows, lighting, and appliances. Improvements to bathroom ventilation boosted air quality for residents. Capital improvements to the building’s roof, ceiling joists, electrical systems, and life safety systems, and a complete remodel of all bathrooms and kitchens, enhanced residents’ overall quality of life while preparing the building for future mechanical upgrades to further reduce energy consumption.

Project Highlights:

  • Renovations improved 14 apartments serving low-income tenants
  • Energy retrofits lowered building’s energy consumption
  • Cleaned and repaired historic façade