SMART DESIGN FOR LIVABLE COMMUNITIES ~ Established in 1994, Stevens & Associates, P.C. is an integrated and award winning Architecture, Civil & Structural Engineering, and Landscape Architecture consulting firm specializing in livable communities, historic building preservation and campus design. We are passionate about projects that embrace the fabric of our New England city and towns through adaptive reuse of old buildings, sensitive design of new buildings, and the creation of pedestrian friendly downtowns. The knowledge we provide our Clients goes beyond urban design.   Experience in real estate development, project funding, marketing and public campaigns are some of the ways we help projects succeed.

Brattleboro highlighted for Community and Walkability

July 4, 2017

How Much Can Cities Do About Walkability? A lot of what fosters it is out of their control, but a little audacity goes a long way. BY ALAN EHRENHALT | JULY 2017

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Catalyst of the Climate Economy National Innovation Summit - Sept. 6th

June 30, 2017

Join Bob Stevens for the Catalyst of the Climate Economy event on September 6th as he moderates the panel discussion for “Building of the Future: Low Carbon Solutions in our Built Environment”. Posted by Christopher Norris on Wednesday, May 10, 2017          

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