Stormwater Specialists

Our team has over 20 years of stormwater design and permitting experience. They are ready to assist you with your Stormwater and 3-Acre Rule/State of Vermont Developed Lands General Permit compliance requirements. 

Call (802) 257-9329 and ask to speak with a Stormwater Specialist or click HERE to request a Free preliminary review of your property.

Cory Frehsee, PE — Principal, LEED AP
A graduate of the University of Vermont, Cory has 20 years of civil engineering and project management experience, specializing in commercial site design and large land development projects. Applying his interest and expertise in grading and drainage, he has been working in Vermont for 15 years designing and permitting complex projects for Stormwater and Vermont ACT 250 permitting. Typical projects include collaborating with architects on commercial site plans, schools, and residential developments for the ski industry, along with many industrial developments. As a managing partner Cory works with clients to understand their goals and identify a critical path to help in making good real estate decisions.

Serenity Wolf, PE — Project Manager
Serenity is a civil engineer and earned a Bachelor and Master degree in Civil Engineering from Norwich University. She specializes in designing and managing redevelopment project sites constrained by natural resources, balancing stormwater treatment with environmental protection. As a stormwater specialist, Serenity has been recognized for her innovative design solutions for challenging sites and was selected by the State of Vermont to provide her expertise during the 2017 Vermont Stormwater Management Manual rewrite, the 9050 General permit and 3-Acre Rule. In addition to her vast knowledge of stormwater regulations, Serenity’s professional background includes work as a tenure track professor in environmental engineering, and extensive site design experience including grading, roadway, and utility design.

Hamilton (Ham) Hodgman, PE— Project Manager
Ham has worked as a civil engineer in multiple states in the New England and Southeast over 20 years. He has designed, permitted, and inspected multiple stormwater systems, and has a strong understanding of the available treatment, infiltration, and detention practices. Ham’s approach to stormwater design is to consider state and local permitting constraints, construction costs, land use rights and encumbrances, and the protection of property. Aside from new construction and permitting compliance, Ham has experience with investigation and condition assessments of existing stormwater infrastructure. In addition to exterior stormwater management design and investigation, Ham has also performed many water intrusion investigations on existing building envelopes and incorporates water intrusion mitigation strategies into biddable construction plans.

Andrea Ameden, EI — Associate Engineer
Andrea graduated from University of Vermont, where her civil engineering studies and internships focused on river hydraulics, design practices, and on the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permitting in Chittenden County. This has paired well with her experience aiding towns throughout southern Vermont with the Municipal Roads General Permit (MRGP): providing technical assistance with Road Erosion Inventories. Andrea’s HEC-RAS background knowledge provides insight to replacement or stabilization retrofits of road drainage culverts, intermittent stream culverts, driveway culverts, and perennial stream culverts to address significant erosion and prevent stormwater pollution in rural Vermont towns.

“Since 1998, Brattleboro Memorial Hospital has entrusted Stevens & Associates with projects requiring stormwater, site design, and landscape architecture. I rely on S&A Project Engineer, Serenity Wolf to act as the liaison between BMH and the State of Vermont’s Stormwater Program, advising us on how to best keep our projects on schedule and within budget by providing expertise in stormwater regulations, guidance through complex permitting processes, communicating up-to-date rules and regulations information, and offering step-by-step direction to support our compliance requirements for each project.” — Rob Prohaska, Director of Plan Services – Brattleboro Memorial Hospital