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Dolley Madison’s Birthplace – New Garden, NC

dolley madison's birthplace
Sketch of 1768 birthplace

Restoration of Dolley Madison’s birthplace involved disassembling and relocating the abandoned 1768 one and a half story log house, to a site adjoining the Greensboro Historical Society Museum.  The majority of the logs were retained, including the chestnut fireplace mantle timber. Deteriorated sandstone was replaced with carefully matched stone.

Dolley Madison was born in the Quaker settlement of New Garden, North Carolina in 1768. The family moved to their native Virginia soon after Madison’s birth.

Since he was a widower, President Jefferson turned to Madison as resident first lady during his presidency. After James Madison became President in 1808, Dolley’s weekly gatherings greatly contributed to her husband’s popularity during his term and provided a social setting in which to discuss politics of the time.

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  • Architecture